Originally named Amesbury Industries, the business started in the 1950’s in Amesbury, MA as a manufacturer of weather stripping products for automotive and commercial applications. In 1981 Amesbury Industries was acquired by the Laird Group and became the foundation for the expansion of the company. Plastics Profile-PPI was then acquired by the Laird Group in 1985 as a producer of custom thermoplastics extrusions. At this time the original Amesbury Industries business took on the name Foam-Tite division and by 1990 the Textile division was established in North Carolina. With the acquisition of BSI-Balance Systems into the fold in 1993, Amesbury Industries became Amesbury Group.

Amesbury Group continued its growth as a provider of building products to the Fenestration market and added Fastek Products in 2000, Door Hardware in 2001, Builder’s Hardware in 2005, and Bandlock in 2006. In 2007 Lupus Capital, a London based corporation, finalized an acquisition of a division of Laird which included the Amesbury Group. That transition facilitated the alliance of Amesbury Group with the U.S. division of Schlegel Building Products, creating a global footprint for Lupus Capital and its building product offerings.

As an operating unit of this organization, Bandlock is provided a sound foundation that facilitates continued innovation in it’s respective marketplaces, and provides new opportunities for growth regionally and internationally. Bandlock is proud to be part of the Amesbury Group family and a component of the international supplier base of Lupus Capital. 

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